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Environmentally Friendly Diapers

Baby DiaperWe all know a laundry list of things that are bad for the environment. Plastics are filling up our garbage dumps, and chemicals are destroying our water supply. However, there is a culprit that greatly damages the environment, and does so without most people knowing. That culprit is the diaper.

At some point in your life you’ve been around a small child, and that child has needed a diaper. So how do you ensure that you aren’t damaging the environment while also making sure to take care of your infant? The easiest way to just invest in some diapers that also take care of our planet. Lucky for you, below are the top five brands of environmentally friendly diapers.

1 – Earth’s Best Organic

Earths Best DiapersEverything about this diaper is completely natural and non-toxic, which is great news since it’s going to be sitting next to your baby’s most sensitive areas.

It’s made from naturally absorbent materials such as corn and wheat. And the best news for any parent?

The sides are refastenable, so when you accidentally mess up at four in the morning, it’s no big deal, they’re easy to fix.



2 – Nature Babycare

Nature BabyCare DiapersThe entire inside is essentially made from our good ol’ friend corn.

Because the inside is made of all natural products, it’s both safe to put on your baby without fears of it irritating or bothering them, but it’ll also break down after you throw it away, which is great news for the earth.

Plus there are no harmful chemicals or toxins anywhere in this diaper.


3 – Whole Food’s 365 Everyday Diapers

WholeFoods DiapersThese diapers are guarded against leaks, all while not using any toxic chemicals.

The gel they use is super absorbent, meaning you’ll be able to rest knowing your little one isn’t going to have an accident in bed again.

On top of that, they’re sold at Whole Foods, so whenever you head to your local store, grab a few of them and make sure you always stay in stock.


4 – Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation DiapersFor those already into products good for the environment, you’ll be familiar with this brand.

These diapers are made from chlorine-free wood pulp and non-toxic material that’s ready to absorb anything your little one can throw at it.

These diapers won’t disappoint fans of Seventh Generation—they fit right in with the best quality in a safe product for your family and the planet.


5 – Tushies

Tushies DiapersThis is the only brand of diaper that’s made completely from cotton. If you’re worried about your baby having sensitivity problems, or worryied about any toxins being in your diapers, this is the solution.

It’s completely natural, but will ensure that at the end of the night, you and your little one are resting comfortably without any worries. And the best part is that this is designed as a disposable diaper, so when you’re done with it, toss it away.