Environmentally Friendly Cars

Electric CarsWhen it comes to today’s priorities, most people want to find products that not only work the best, but also benefit and help preserve the environment. In some cases, like when it comes to finding the perfect car, it’s a lot harder to find one that both does the job without hurting our planet any more than usual. Below is a quick guide to the top five environmentally friendly cars.

1 – Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

Smart Four Two Electric DriveThis car ranked number one amongst all of its competitors as the “greenest” car of 2014. It’s small and adorable, and definitely going to make those who usually have to struggle daily to find parking spots happy.

It was awarded a green score of 59, making it one of the best cars around.

The drawback is its small size—if you’re looking to move to a new state or live out of your car, this one is going to make it a bit difficult. But if you’re just looking for a clean way to get around—jump on it.

2 – Toyota Prius C

Toyota Prius CSurprising as it is to see the prius come in at number two, it’s just behind by two point, bringing in a green score of 57.

Sleek, sexy, and stylish, this car comes looking like a million bucks while also ensuring that the environment isn’t going to suffer for your transportation.

These cars are popular because of their quality performance, so if you’re looking to invest in something that’s already past the test of time, this is your answer.

3 – Nissan Leaf

Nissan LeafThis great car is only one of two electric models to make it to the top environmentally friendly cars of 2014. It’s attractive and effective, bringing in a green score of 55.

There’s a lot more room in the back of this one, so if you have a family, this car will suit your life just fine. Bring it on trips, or just drive it too and from work. Regardless, this car will make sure you get the biggest bang, for the most green.

4 – Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Here’s the car we were all expecting to take number one—and though the back doesn’t contain the kind of storage other cars tote around, this model is extremely nice to look at, and it ties with the Nissan Leaf’s green score of 55.

Toyota is constantly being voted top car company, so when it comes to choosing a new car to ride in, why not stick with what everyone knows works?

5 – Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic HybridBeautiful, elegant, and extremely good for the environment. What more do you want from a car? It ranks with the Leaf and the Prius with a green score of 55, and it promises to make your commute all the better.

Treat yourself to something nice, and buy a car that looks as pretty as it is good for the environment.

Hondas are known to last—this car is sure to be worth every penny.